Rational, modern and technological architectural solutions that add value to the value of gold came to life at Akhas Jewelery.

AKHAS in Istanbul Yenibosna Vision Park Business Center Jewelery, Turkey is among the top 10 companies with manufacturing and wholesale jewelry industry. The headquarters of the company consists of two separate departments: management and workshop, covering an area of ​​750 m².

In line with Akhas Jewelry's working techniques and principles, a working environment that requires a lot of precision and meticulousness has been created. Behind the entrance and reception sections of the company are the workshop sections where the manufacturing takes place. Behind the reception counter, dynamic-looking stainless steel plates were used, providing a three-dimensional gold effect. A meeting room was located right next to the entrance. The executive office was implemented using modern lines. The offices, including the design studio and the export department, attract attention with their modern and spacious lines.

Through the door at the end of the office section, the workshop sections are reached. Effective workshops were established with laboratory precision and hygiene, considering that even the dust is highly valuable during the processing of gold and the return of large amounts of recycling. Epoxy material was used on the floor. Grates were installed on the epoxy floor to collect the ramat powder. In the workshops, hepa and exhaust filters were used to recover ramate dust accumulated in the air and on clothes. In the sinks used, pool systems where water was rested and ramate was recovered were added.




Design & Build


Yenibosna, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Mustafa Çavuş, Doğan İmamoğlu
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