Design & Build


Çekmekoy, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Funda Türkay, Elif Aytulin, Hayri Atak, Arzu Meyvacı, Doğan İmamoğlu
Stylish and warm project that combines green, peace and comfort under the roof of American style architecture.

Çekmeköy Villa project is carried by Yapı Studio Mimarlık from foundation to delivery. In the concept design, construction and application project, a pleasant living space was created that is isolated from the city but close to the city. Located in the forest area of ​​Ömerli Dam area, the villa is literally a point where green and tranquility meet.

In a residential area of ​​100 m² in Çekmeköy, Istanbul, with its triangular pediment architecture reflecting the American style, and the swimming pool, the warm home environment in terms of integrity has met with nature. Window joinery, fixed shutters gave the building a warm look. The patio in front of the building created an ideal place to relax with its location towards the pool and nature. There are rooms for family members on the upper floors of the villa. In the villa project, the gym and sauna were located on the basement floor connected to the nature and demands of the family. Outside of the building is the organic farming area behind.
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