Design & Build


Bodrum, Mugla


Doruk Erbay, Mustafa Çavuş, Evren Erim, Evren Deniz
Bodrum's unique climate with a summer breeze. A cheerful and pleasant environment accompanied by a magnificent bay view…

The main structure of the building, which reflects the classic Bodrum architecture, has been preserved and the façade has been revised. The 350 sqm building with unique views of Türkbükü Bay has 8 rooms and 8 bathrooms and is used as a guest house. The façade of the building is covered with technowood wood veneer which is resistant to all climatic conditions in a contrast with the white façade.

The main entrance door handle of the building and the illumination on the front facade were covered with the same building material for parallel integrity. On the terrace of the building, a large barbecue was designed and industrial chimney was placed according to the request of the user. In the interior, simple and functional furniture is used to create a serene atmosphere. Each guest room is arranged with the comfort of a hotel room with a minibar and a bathroom. Large ceramics were preferred on the interior floors. The pool in the garden has been renewed in accordance with the original and the garden arrangement has been made. The Bodrum house offers a very pleasant, fun and cheerful environment to the user with its very modern lines.
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