AMWAY - Ankara Residence


Design & Build


Cankaya, Ankara


Doruk Erbay, Mustafa Çavuş, Kerem Karataş, Doğan İmamoğlu
The signature under the architectural design that adds value to the brand value is exhibited at Amway Ankara Plaza.

Amway; is an international American network company specializing in cosmetics, cleaning, food and household products. The headquarters project, where Amway's products, which have a worldwide reputation, are introduced, exhibited, tested and trained to its members and customers; different lines are reflected in the shop design is shown as an example.

The project of the center located in Ankara Çankaya was put into practice in 2014. The project, which uses the same building elements as İstanbul AMWAY, also covers an area of ​​750 m². Although the entrance, reception and façade sections of Amway Ankara Plaza contain structural differences in terms of gallery space and lobby sections, they have the same characteristics as concept design and application. In the cafeteria section opposite the entrance and welcome area, the view from the outside with perforated hair plates was separe as much as possible. The reception desk and the corporate space behind it reinforce the brand identity. After the success of the Amway Plaza project in Istanbul, the same concept design was applied in all departments. In this respect, Amway Ankara Plaza can be called as the continuation project of Istanbul Amway Plaza.
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