Design & Build


Maslak, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Aykut Mete, Nagihan Güneşer
An out-of-line, hidden world where the unpredictable takes place, Project House.

The concept design and implementation of Project House was realized in line with the expectations of the working environment. In the project, a design and application with high functionality, social areas and creating a warm working environment was taken care of. Project House offers Maslak Sun Plaza -4 to its employees in an area of ​​1200 m² that raises their motivation in a colorful, fun and vibrant environment. and -5. is on the floor.

Before that, there are offices and manager rooms with large working capacity on the upper floor of the entire marble covered area. With an off-line design on the curved walls in the corridors on the office floor, the perception of perspective and depth was created, making the space quite dynamic. In the large ground floor area surrounded by 8-meter-high walls, a warm atmosphere was created for employees to take a break and social activities were also held. The tribune-shaped seating area provided an impressive look thanks to the cushions representing the keyboard keys. The immediately opposite wall of the tribune was supported by soundproofing panels and a giant presentation screen was installed. The empty wall on the right side of the area; Completed the corporate logo of Project House, it was animated with abstract tree design.
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