Design & Build


Kozyatagı, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Aykut Mete, Mustafa Çavuş,Nagihan Güneşer
Colorful, fun, young, dynamic and enjoyable office environment is experienced in Renkmobil.

The 800 m² office floor in Kozyatağı Nida Kule was designed with the concept design and application specific to Renk Mobil Bilişim. In the project referring to the technological stance of Renk Mobil, which has a very young and crowded work team; A colorful and dynamic workspace was created. In the office, there are executive rooms, open work areas and pleasant social spaces. From the reception counter area, colorful elements reflecting the corporate and personal identity of the young employees of the company stand out at first glance.

In line with Renkmobil's special request, a play station game console was added to one side of the less frequently used meeting space. 2tech2 flooring product was used on the whole floor of the office and wooden slats providing sound insulation on the ceiling were used. In certain parts of the office, pvc and metal partitions supporting colorful and dynamic appearance were positioned. All areas of the company, where open office design is applied, create a pleasant and motivated work environment. The social area, where employees are bored from the busy working environment all day long, has been transformed into the heart of Renk Mobil. Technological and entertaining working environment in accordance with the corporate identity identical to the name of the company met the expectations of Renkmobil for its employees with all comfort.
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