Amway - Istanbul Business Center

The architectural design that adds value to the brand value has been signed and it is exhibited at Amway Istanbul Plaza.

Amway; as an international international American network company in cosmetics, cleaning, food and household products. Amway, which has a worldwide reputation, is the headquarters project in which our products and our products are exhibited, tests and trainings are given; different lines are reflected in the shop design is shown as an example.

The Yapi Studyo project, which was awarded in the Amway store design competition, was launched in 2011 at Istanbul Amway Plaza. Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Atasehir, the plaza has an area of ​​750 m². The exterior of the building is made of glass. The brand wall covering the front facade of the building was applied to prevent blurry, open-coming, cleaning sun rays from damaging the products, and the product units and side facades were closed.

The welcome panel in the entrance area of ​​the building draws attention with its dynamic appearance and focus that resembles a barcode. The entrance area also serves as a café and a seating area. In this way, the corporate identity of the brand and the warm ambience of the environment are reflected together. In the lower floor of the entrance, meeting rooms and seminar rooms are available for the network members. The second floor of the building stands out with its water drop design representing the food and vitamin group and the water treatment device. On the third floor of the building, cosmetic display products are historically attracted attention in their own special place and products are exhibited in glass partitions. Product photos on the walls of the product, special printing technique, direct digital printing method was applied on glass. The Tester is located on this floor in two private islands, designed to reach users. Makeup application on the island; The eye-catching double-sided large and round vanity mirror was used and a sink was added.

Painted glasses and stainless edges were used. All of the building elements were chosen in order, suitable, durable, long-lasting products that can be used frequently.



Design & Build


Atasehir, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Aykut Mete, Nagihan Güneşer
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