Mien Cafe


Design & Build


Beyoglu, Istanbul


Doruk Erbay, Meryem Üstünel
Architectural touches that bring the spirit of Taksim to a warm and friendly cafe.

The project reflects the Beyoğlu cafe culture in Asmalımescit, Beyoğlu, İstanbul. Mien Cafe, whose only concept design and implementation projects were undertaken by Yapı Studyo Mimarlık, was realized by another contractor.

The lower floor of Mien Suits Istanbul was evaluated as Mien Cafe. For the hotel guests, a thin and long space with a capacity of 50 people is also used. The floor of Mien Cafe's mosaic tiles are combined with wooden elements. The white brick walls applied to the interior of the area had a wide impact on the environment. The bar within the café has created an ideal environment for customers to take a short break by adding movement. The apartment area behind the café was evaluated and covered with glass. A winter garden was created with the addition of wooden covered walls and floral sheet pots. Mien Cafe reflects the spirit of the café in Taksim; A warm and friendly place that gives the ambiance of a friendly cafe…
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